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If you will be fighting with Fusion regularly it may be a good idea to bookmark/favourite this post so you can use it to check you’re ready for competition.


Please note that weigh-in does require dressing down to your underwear. All coaches and officials are DBS checked and have completed safeguarding training. When weighing in only a team coach and officials of the same gender will be present. Athletes under 18 must weigh in with a same-gender coach from their team.

You will need:

Photo ID

Fight Card (this will be given on the day of weigh-in)

Cash (ONLY in the case that you are over or under your weight category you will have to pay a fee to change categories, this fee varies depending on the competition so, please bare this in mind)

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to remove (weigh-in queues can cause long waits and it’s easier to have clothes that are easy to quickly change out of)

Fight Day

All fighting pads must be WTF approved, if you are not sure your pads are approved please ask a coach. You may not be allowed to compete with non-regulated pads.

You will need:

Full Dobok & Belt (Taekwondo Suit)

Arm Guards

Shin Guards

Groin Guard


Gum Shield

Electronic Socks – Daedo PSS

A towel

Water/ Bottle

If you are NOT fighting with electronic PSS, please ensure you bring:

Body Armour

Headguard: both a red and blue head guard or a white one

If you have Asthma please make sure to bring your inhaler to have with you for your fight(s) and let whoever is coaching you know about your condition. Any other medical aid is a good idea to bring along and let your coaches know of any accommodations you may need.

If you are fighting with electronics you do NOT need to bring your body armour and head guard; this is provided by the hosts

Any injury supports, bandages, or tapes may be worn so long as they do not cover protective pads.

If you have any questions please speak to one of the coaches for clarification, please note things may differ from competition to competition so it is good to double-check. We will always do our best to inform you beforehand.