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Welcome to Fusion Taekwondo

Fusion Taekwondo has built its legacy on producing high-quality fighters whilst also supporting taekwondo athletes at all levels. We pride ourselves in welcoming everyone regardless of their level, age, ability, or gender, and we serve the community by providing high-standard training at competitive prices.

Located at the heart of Peckham, we aim to keep our youths off the streets and learning valuable skills and discipline. After 25 years, we continue to push athletes to the highest levels of the sport, competing at national and international championships as well as developing students to achieve black belt level. Taekwondo is not limited to sparring and can offer benefits to everyone.

First Session Free

What we offer

  • Traditional Taekwondo (Self Defence / Poomsae)
  • Olympic Sport Taekwondo (Kyrougi)
  • Focus & discipline
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Equal opportunities
  • Competitive prices

We can help you

  • Improve your fitness & physical well-being
  • Learn valuable self-defence skills
  • Improve confidence & self-esteem
  • Make friends & become part of a team
  • Chance to compete in Poomsae & fighting competitions
  • Become a black belt

I have been at the club since I could walk, and it’s always helped me stay in shape and motivated. I regularly get to meet new people and Fusion is my second family. Taekwondo has helped me learn how to manage my emotions and I feel like I handle anger and other challenging emotions so much better now. The club is so much more than sport and David and Michael have always supported me beyond Taekwondo.


Senior Fighter - 2nd Kup (Red Belt)

I love taekwondo, I have made new friends and becoming a fighter has pushed me to improve my mindset to be more positive and hardworking whilst also teaching me to handle high pressure situations. I am always supported by my coaches, they push me even when I don’t believe in myself. This year I have achieved 3 gold medals as a Cadet and I’m looking forward to next year in Juniors. 


Junior Fighter - 1st Kup (Black Tag)

I’ve been at the club for as long as I can remember, at fusion I have learnt discipline. It boosted my self-esteem and confidence from a young age and has shaped the hardworking mentality I take into everything I do; it’s taught me the value of commitment. I have been able to achieve so much competing nationally and internationally, coach Michael is irreplaceable. 


Senior Fighter - 1st Dan (Black Belt)